Demi Lovato Seeking Tough Love In Rehab: 'This Is A Strength Test… To Put Her In Check'

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Demi Lovato is taking her time in rehab VERY seriously!

The singer opted for a tough, stringent rehab process this time around in a bid to get sober — and stay sober — for the rest of her life, according to a source.

Obviously, with Demi having been before (back in 2010, at just 18 years old), the star had some idea about what she wanted to get out of it this time around.

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A source shared with Us Weekly details about the “aggressive” treatment Lovato is seeking right now, too, saying:

“This is not her first rodeo. She doesn’t want to feel like things are being handed to her. For Demi, this is a strength test … The rehab she is in is much more drill sergeant-esque. It’s not nurturing. At places like Promises, you live on the beach and go horseback riding. That’s not what Demi needs to put her in check.”


Tough love is a tricky thing, but Demi clearly wants to put it on herself — and hold herself accountable — to really make rehab work this time around, now as an almost 26-year-old.

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If it works, it’ll be the happy ending to what had been a very difficult year.

The source explains that, too :

“[Earlier this summer] Demi lost herself Her sobriety became a downward spiral. Addiction is a disease and she let it get out of control. Having her level of fame can be unbearable. Demi was so strong for so long, but she caved. She set high expectations for herself and it got to be too much. Her decision-making process was severely impaired. But she’s only human.”

Amen to that!

Here’s hoping some self-requested tough love can get Demi all the way back on track!!

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